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CONGRATULATIONS to our District 54 and Section 4 Champion 9/10 All Stars, on an amazing All Star run this year.  Their tour ended with a loss to Exeter, 5-1 on Tuesday, July 28th, at Dobson Field in Exeter. 

This was the first appearance in the State Championships by our Folsom American league.  A truly amazing accomplishment.  Great work team and welcome home!


Winterball Registration has closed - contact with questions. 

Winterball (sometimes termed ‘Fall Ball’) is a great opportunity to build on the accomplishments of the spring season.  The main focus is player development, allowing players some additional practice and game experience to hone their skills going into next season. 

The number of teams and games depends on the number of players that register, and the number of managers and coaches that volunteer.  Last year we had 5 Minor, 4 Major, and 2 Junior Division teams and we are anticipating a similar turnout this fall.  Practices start the last week of August, and games typically start a couple weeks later.  Games are typically one during the week and one on Sundays, running through October.  There will also be several games against teams from other leagues, with some will be at our home Folsom American fields, and some at the other league’s fields, which adds a nice element to the experience. 

We anticipate having three divisions of play – here is a brief description of them:


The Minor Division rules mirror the AAA Spring Division.  Players in this division are comprised of players that will be league ages 9 through 10 in the Spring 2016 season. This division will provide experience to a more competitive division while continuing to work on instruction and development of the player.  It's helpful to have at least one spring season of AA playing experience prior to being in Minors, however we encourage kids to play up in Winterball, so players with Single A experience are welcome assuming their parents feel they are ready.   


The Major Division will be comprised of players that will be league ages 10 through 12 in the Spring 2016 Season.  This division will have a feel similar to the Majors division in the spring, following similar rules, play time, and emphasizing competitive games. It's recommended that players in this division have at least one season of AAA or Majors division playing experience in a spring season, or alternatively two seasons of AA.  League age 10 players that are new to baseball, or haven’t played at least AAA in the spring season, should sign up for the Minor division.


The Juniors Division will be comprised of players that will be League Age 13 or 14 in the Spring 2016 Season.

To sign up, visit the registration page on our website (  Like previous years, in addition to players we need Managers, Coaches, Volunteers and Umpires.  The corresponding registration forms for those positions are included on our registration page.

The registration process will be QUICK – we will be forming teams on August 15th. Registration will turn into a waitlist process once teams are formed, so if you’re interested please take a moment to jump on and register today. 


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