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2015 All Stars - Manager and Player Registration now Open
by posted 05/02/2015


All Stars kicks off in earnest in June, after the end of season tournaments.  Depending on how our teams do, it can run for two games, or several weeks (we are hopeful for the latter).

  • Folsom American will field four teams, divided by league age.  They include:
    • League ages 9 and 10
    • League age 11
    • League age 12
    • League ages 13 and 14 (Juniors)
  • Practices will be fairly intense, and the games will be highly competitive
  • FALL is hosting the District 54 All Star tournament for the League Age 9 and 10 year olds, at McFarland 1 and Kuntz

The selection process: 

  • Manager Selection:
    • Managers from the AAA and Majors divisions are invited to apply to be an All Star Manager.  The first step is filling out the All Star Manager registration form on
    • Registration is now open, and will remain open through Saturday, May 9th.  After May 9th, the board will interview prospective All Star Managers en route to choosing who will guide our teams.   The goal is to have the All Star Managers confirmed prior to the All Star player evaluation and selection effort. 
  • Player Selection:
    • The All Star player selection process starts with completing the All Star player commitment registration form on  If you would like your player to be considered, you must fill out this form. 
    • The All Star Player Commitment form is now available on, and will remain open through May 19th
    • After May 19th, the All Star Managers, along with the Majors and AAA Managers will work together to conduct player evaluations en route to determining our 2015 All Star rosters.
  • Celebrate!  Once the All Star Managers and Players have been selected, they will be recognized at a rally.  Date and location are still being determined, but plan on early June.     

All Stars is an amazing event.  While it requires significant commitment and effort, the growth and comradery of the players and coaches that engage is tough to match.  We hope you consider participating.


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