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Suggested Equipment List for All FALL Players

     Glove Supplied by the player. Look for one that is soft and flexible and has enough room to use multiple seasons.
Cleats Cleats are not mandatory but are highly encouraged as they give the players more traction and speed on the field.
Bat Supplied by the player (or can be shared with teammates).
Helmet Supplied by the player.
Batting Gloves Batting gloves are not required but can help take the sting off those line drives and home run hits.
Protective Gear All players, including tee-ball, must wear appropriate "athletic supporters".

Each player will receive a hat, game jersey, practice jersey from FALL

Players will need to purchase pants, socks, and belts that match their uniforms. It's best to wait until your notified what team you will be on.  Typically team managers will decide on a general look for the team and notify players so be sure to check with your coach before purchasing anything.

Catchers' Gear Each team will be supplied appropriately sized catchers' gear. Players are also free to use their own personal catchers' gear.
Water Bottle A must in the dugout!
Bag While not required, having a bag to keep equipment contained and organized in the dugout is a big help for many players.