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50/70 Intermediate, Junior and Senior Divisions (excerpt from the 2018 Folsom American Little League By-Laws)

The Local League's Intermediate/ Junior and Senior Division may be structured into one (1) or more sub-Divisions to coincide with the available Junior Division programs put into effect by District 54. The Local League's Junior, Senior Division sub-Divisions may be established based upon age, recreational or competitive levels of play, playing field size, any combination thereof, or any other criteria as may be determined for Junior Division play by Little League and/or District 54.

The Board shall retain the authority to modify the structure of the Junior Division program in any given year into appropriate sub-Divisions in an effort to coordinate the Local League's Junior Division Programs with District 54 Junior Division programs as the Board may deem appropriate and in the best interests of the Local League.

This Local League requires every Player on Intermediate/Junior team roster to participate in each game for a minimum of nine (9) defensive outs and bat at least one (1) time. This ruling has been made mandatory, for all Local League Intermediate/ Junior teams, by the Board, and cannot be modified by the Inter-League Governing Committee.

The 10-run rule will apply. (Regular season only) does not apply to tournaments. At the conclusion of five innings or any point after, if there is a 10-run difference in the game by either team, the game will be called officially over with that score standing.  The remaining innings will be played up until the conclusion of 7 innings. During this time there will be free substitutions (“subs” may re-enter). All other rules will still apply. (Pitch counts will be kept and documented as normal)

Participants may include the Local League and other sanctioned Local Leagues within District 54 that may elect to participate in such Intermediate/ Junior Division programs (Inter-League) as well as Local Leagues from other Districts (Inter- District). Game schedules will be prepared in consultation with other participating Local Leagues, District 54 and other participating Districts. The number of regular season games may vary.

Playing time for games: No new inning will start after a 2:30 minute duration for all Intermediate/ Junior, Senior Division games. The umpire in charge of the game retains authority to suspend or end any game due to inclement weather or darkness (on non-lighted field). The home team will provide a scorekeeper for the entirety of the game. The scorebook used by the scorekeeper shall be considered to be the official score book and shall be labeled as such. Each team shall maintain for the entirety of the Inter-League season, an official score book to be used solely for home games.

The scheduled home team shall provide umpires.

Play contained solely within the Local League may operate utilizing the provisions in these By-Laws. However, District 54 has mandated that the Official Regulations and Playing Rules of Little League International, only, govern all Inter-League/Inter-District play. No Local League playing rules are enforceable during Inter-League/Inter-District Play.

Each team is responsible for contacting its respective Local League's umpire-in-chief for instances of game rainout/cancellations. Should a team be unable to field a team, a forty-eight (48) hour notice to the manager of the opposing team is required as well as notice to the other Local League's umpire in- chief.

At all games the home team shall assume the field no earlier than fifteen (15) minutes from the scheduled start of the game; and shall conduct formal warm-ups. The visiting team shall have use of the field prior to the home team, but in no way shall conduct more than fifteen (15) minutes of formal warm-ups.

No players may participate in a game unless they are present before the start of the 4th inning.

League age twelve (12) year old players are not allowed to play in the Junior Division.