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All Team Parents:
Please fill out a Volunteer Application, if you haven't already. This is important for several reasons:
  1. Little League mandates that if you have contact with the kids, we must have a background check done to keep everyone safe.
  2. You put in a lot of time to be a team parent and your voice should be heard when it comes to voting.  In our Constitution, there are several "member" categories.  A "Regular Member" is a member who commits to at least 10 hours of volunteer service to the league and has voting rights at the Annual General Meeting. A "General Member" is a member who chooses not to volunteer, does not have voting rights, and is just considered as a part of the general membership.  Both members are always welcome to attend Board meetings and the Annual General Meeting but only a "Regular Member" will have voting rights at the Annual General Meeting when a new Board is selected.  Without the Volunteer Application completed, you are essentially a "General Member" and will not be able to vote.  There is no other way for us to keep track of who is a "Regular Member" and is eligible to vote.
So how do I fill out a Volunteer Application?
  • Go to the website, and go to the left side and look for "Register online".  Click on that and scroll to the bottom to find the "Volunteer Application".
  • We do need a copy of your drivers license, so please make sure you have already scanned your drivers license so that you can attach it to your registration.
  • It will say that you must be over 18 to be a volunteer so click okay.  You should already have an account set up since an adult would have had to register your child to play, so next enter in your email and password.  If you are not listed in your account because you were not the adult that registered your child, on the bottom, you can then "add an adult".  You are now considered the "Participant" so enter in your name, any other phone numbers or emails you might want, gender and birthdate and click submit.  If you are already listed, click the green arrow to the left.
  • Complete the volunteer application to the best of your ability. The questions with a red * are the only ones I absolutely need completed.  It would be helpful for me if when you list your children, to please list in there section that for example, you are the  "Team Parent for Farm White Sox" as you may have multiple kids but responsibility for only one team.
  • Attach drivers license but if you are having trouble doing so, you can email it to me at .
  • Please encourage other volunteers for your team, other coaches, scorekeepers, pitch counters, etc to do the same so that they also have a voting right!