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Frequently Asked Questions about Folsom American Little League Spring Season

Will you accept a certified abstract of live birth rather than a certified birth certificate?

  • As of 2005, LLOA will not accept certified abstracts of birth as proof of age in California. However, ChoicePoint is providing an express birth certificate service through its VitalChek program. Click here on to order your child’s birth certificate on-line, or you can go to the front page of the Little League of America Web site and click on “Obtaining Birth Records.

How do I know if I live within the boundaries of Folsom American Little League?

  • There are two Little Leagues in Folsom... Folsom American Little League and Folsom National Little League.  Before registering your child, please refer to the League Boundary Map to determine whether or not you live within the Folsom American Little League.

Is my four year old eligible to play this spring?

  • Your child is eligible to play in the spring season if s/he will be age 5 no later than August 31st. Unfortunately, our insurance will not cover 4 year olds and there are no exceptions.

Where and when will practices be held?

  • There are many factors that will influence where, when, and how often teams will practice, including age level of the child, field availability, manager's schedule, etc. The manager of each team will notify parents about practices based on field availability as designated by the league.

What equipment does my child need to play Little League?

  • At minimum, your child will need a baseball glove (not plastic) and an athletic supporter with a hard cup. The league will supply a team jersey and hat. Most children will also require uniform pants, belt, and (non-metal) cleats, which the league does not provide. We also encourage each player to have a personal batting helmet. The league provides each team with bats, batting helmets, if needed, and catcher’s gear. Players can bring their own bats, helmets and catcher’s equipment if they choose, but are not required to furnish these items themselves.

Where can I find out more information regarding the pitch count regulations and Little League rules?

  • Please refer to Little League of America to view general rules and regulations. You can also check the FALL Constitution and By-Laws, as they may be slightly different, in the Document section under League Information of this website.

Why are all 12 year olds required to play in Majors starting in the 2008 season?  
The purpose of the new regulation is to ensure that local leagues are using the Minor Division as a training ground, and not keeping capable 12-year-olds from “moving up.” For those 12-year-olds who may lack the skills to play at the Major Division level, there is a process for allowing them to play in the Minor Division, provided certain conditions are met. However, the prohibition on 12-year-olds pitching in the Minor Division remains.
DRAFT – why didn’t my son get DRAFTED up he played in the same division last year?  He’s devastated.

The Draft for Little League is by age not school grade level.  Have you practiced with your son/daughter prior to the tryout?  Have you simulated the tryout drills? Some kids don’t grow or develop until they get older.  Also FALL may need Managers and Coaches for upper divisions because they don’t have enough.  They may ask someone to Manage or Coach who’s son/daughter in your eyes might not be as good as your son/daughter.  That decision is not politically, or your kid was over looked it’s we need volunteers.  

My son or daughter got called up from AAA to play Majors during the season

Every year there's an injury in the Major Division or every division. When that happens a player from AAA is called up. If your son/daughter get's called up and you refuse to play your inelgible for All-Stars.  IT should be an honor to get called up and though it's sad to leave his team that's the process.