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Before a minor under 18 can work please look at the information

Get the Job

  • A young worker should first find a job. Before he can start work, however, he will need to obtain a work permit.

Ask at School

  • Public schools and most private schools have work permit forms. The student should ask for one at school and take it to his new employer to sign. Home schooled students can also obtain a form at their local public high school.
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Get Signatures

  • The employer will complete the work permit form and sign it. Next, the student's parents must sign the form.

Return to School

  • The student must take the form back to the school, along with identification providing his proof of age. The school official will check that the form is complete, sign it and keep it on file.

New Job, New Permit

  • Every time the student changes jobs, he must obtain a new work permit. The rules are generally different for students ages 14 and 15 than for students ages 16 and 17, so as she gets older she will be allowed to work more hours.